3: Different Colors Mean Nothing To Me
In Zulu it is called Unkulunkulu Wethu(Oon-Koo-Loon-Koo-Loo Way-To)

The world is made up of people who have different skin colors. Also, the world is made up of people who speak different languages. In fact, in your very own town, in your very own school, you probably have kids who have different skin colors and kids who speak different languages. This is wonderful! Isn't it more fun to know people who look different than you do and people who can speak different languages? Some people think it’s bad to look different or to sound different. This is very wrong. Looking different and speaking different languages is what makes life fun and interesting. We hope you make many friends who look different than you. If you have friends who speak another language you should learn some of the words from their language. We speak Zulu. We’d love to teach you some of our words!