Bhekizizwe Joseph Shabalala
Our Founder, our Teacher and most importantly, our Father left us today for eternal peace. We celebrate and honor your kind heart and your extraordinary life. Through your music and the millions who you came in contact with, you shall live forever. From the stage after every show, you shared your heart..."Go with Peace, with Love and with Harmony."

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Concert dates slowly being scheduled for 2021. Check out the news page or our shows page for more information,

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Available now "Songs From Lindiwe" plus "Live from London 2000" bundled together as one download. This classic concert recording features founding member Joseph Shabalala and many of LBM's famous songs such as "Hello My Baby", "Long Walk To Freedom", "Homeless" and many more . This bundle is only available here exclusively for our fans. Please visit our store page for samples and download info.

Live From UCLA


Hello to all of our Friends. 
We hope everyone is safe & staying healthy. We hope you are following the new ways to stay healthy. We certainly are. Lots of news to share as well as lots of Thank You's for many people who helped us during the final week of our recent USA tour as shows began to cancel & our travel arrangements became difficult. 

Our concerts in April for Belgium & Netherlands have been postponed until 2021. Our concerts in the UK & Ireland for June have been postponed until 2021 as well. We hope we will return to the USA for concerts in late July & August. 

The final week of our recent USA tour was certainly part scary, part strange, but filled with so much love & support. 
On March 11 we arrived in Cincinnati Ohio for a sold out concert at Memorial Hall. About 4 hrs before the show, the city Mayor announced all large gatherings had to be canceled, so the show that evening was suddenly not happening. However our concert presenter Josh Steele & all his staff were so helpful & supportive to us. It was a strange moment...a sold out show being suddenly canceled & the new reality was becoming very real. Thanks to Josh & the staff at Memorial Hall who were so wonderful to us. They've already re-scheduled our concert to August 1 this year. We are really looking forward to coming back to Cincinnati & singing for our friends. 

When we left Cincinnati we were still able to perform some concerts however several shows had to be postponed...our concert in Buffalo (re-scheduled for August), our two concerts at the Barns of Wolf Trap in Vienna Virginia as well as our concert in Santa Barbara California (re-scheduled for August 11, 2020). 

Our concert in Los Angeles at UCLA on March 19 went on but under very strange conditions. The concert presenter there could have simply canceled the concert but they wanted to support us. Since our other concerts had canceled they had us arrive there earlier than scheduled & we did the concert on March 16. They also decided to do our concert with no audience but they filmed it so they could share our performance with the people who planned to be at the show!! We want to give out HUGE Thank You's to Kristy Edmunds, Fred Frumberg, Zarina Rico & all the other people at CAP Performances at UCLA who gave us sooo much support. They had us staying at a wonderful hotel on campus & made sure we had food & were safe during our time in Los Angeles. We can't thank them all enough for their support to us. We greatly look forward to returning to UCLA to sing for all the wonderful people who couldn't be at our concert. 

So we are now home with our families, being careful to make certain we are all healthy. Everyone is doing well. Again, we hope all of you are staying safe. This will pass, 
we all know. With love & support, everyone will make it through these awful times. This is when we all need to be the best we can be. Share your love! We will see you soon!

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UK shows now listed on the show page. Tickets are now available.

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Our shows Feb 20 in Los Angeles, Feb 21 in Santa Barbara & all shows in Berkeley Feb 22 & 23 are being changed to later dates. We are flying to South Africa Wednesday Feb 19 & will return to USA Feb 24. All concerts from then on will be as planned. The Los Angeles show will now be March 19, Santa Barbara is March 20 & Berkeley will be in August. We sincerely apologize for these changes. Thank you all for your continued support & beautiful uplifting messages. 
You truly keep us going.

Please keep checking back for further updates.

A Tribute To Our Father

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